Centument Reviews

Centument Ltd Reviews:

Centument LTD by Gerald Reed is another binary options product created by Gerald Reed. At first, I was very skeptical with this product. Just like usual, the over hype video trying to pitch people so they will deposit money into their choosen broker. After making a little research, we can tell that Centument Ltd is not a scam.

About Centument Ltd and Gerald Reed


Gerald Reed has a very good record as a professional trader is about to get really famous with his newly formed company, Centument Ltd, since months of testing and confirmed by several parties.

About Centument Trading Software

Just like you saw in the video, this is actually an auto trader software. It won’t be promising you 100% ITM (in the money) rate, but instead 73% ITM, that is after being confirmed by us. In fact, in better days, it generates more than 80% ITM. It uses certain algorithm to create this kind of accuracy in every trade.

In the process of creating software, Gerald Reed made sure to create the assets Assets Trading Program using one of the leading technology companies in the industry and in the development stage he made sure that the brokers that he will be using are legit and regulated. The bottom line and the most important aspect should be the withdrawals and therefore, the credibility of the brokers you decide to fund an account with certainly matters.


You don’t need to become a techie geek to profit from this software. All you need to do is register with your email account and then deposit money in your choosen broker. Then, you can leave this software to automatically trade for you.

However, keep in mind that this software won’t be giving you 100% accuracy. There is no such a thing in trading. Therefore, you should risk at most 5% of your budget in every single trade. If you risk all of your money into one single trade and then lose all of them, then blame yourself for it.


You still need to use your credit card to deposit money into their recommended broker, hence, it is not 100% free. So, if you are looking for free money, you better stick to your day job. There is no such thing as free money online.

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